Getting Started with Virtyx

Once you’ve gotten logged in to your account, click the “Agents” link in the upper right hand corner of the screen. From here, click the Download Agent button.

You should install the Agent on all computers you want to monitor. You can read all about the Virtyx Agent here.


Once you have Agents setup on your machines, you need to assign them Tasks. A Task is code that will collect information about the computer, the local network, or the broader Internet. Each Agent can run as many tasks as you want.

From the Agent detail page (go to Agents and click on the Agent you want to assign a task to), click the “Add Agent Task” button. You can add tasks here.

To learn about Agent tasks, go here.


Virtyx will automatically create incidents and track when things are going wrong on all the information you are gathering. The more tasks you setup and the longer they run, the better the Artificial Intelligence becomes to understanding the data.

You can also set specific alarms for thresholds on the Alarm Page.