Virtyx Agent

The Virtyx Agent is a small program that should be installed on the computers you want to monitor. The Agent offers incredible power and insight into all computers you want (desktops, laptops, and servers) while being easy to use and fully managed in the cloud.

The Agent uses an API Key to know which account its associated with. The API Key can be found under Settings, but the Agent binaries downloaded from Virtyx have your API key built in.

Installing the Agent


The Agent should be installed as a service on Windows computers. This will allow the Agent to monitor after the computer reboots or when a different user logs in.

On the Agent Download page, you should download the Installer for Windows. Most computers are 64-bit, although if you need 32-bit, that’s available as well.

The Agent will be installed to C:\Program Files\Virtyx-Technologies\Virtyx Agent\

To check on the status of the Agent, you can open command prompt and type:

sc query virtyx-agent

The Virtyx configuration file and plugin binaries are stored in C:\Windows\system32\config\systemprofile\AppData\Virtyx\.virtyx.


For Linux servers, such as Ubuntu, Debian, CentOS, or Amazon Linux, you can use the curl script to quickly download and install the Agent. This script will require your API Key to tell the Agent which account it should connect to. While your exact command will look different, the curl command is:

curl | VIRTYX_API_KEY=<key-here> sh

This needs to be run as root

You can find the exact command to run on the Agent Download page, under curl.

The standalone Linux binary also has an --install command line option, which will install the correct init scripts to start the Agent on startup. These scripts assume the Agent is placed in /usr/local/bin with the name virtyx-agent.


The mac has a standalone binary that can be installed from the Download page. There is also an installer that is in beta, please contact us if you would like to use it.

Uninstalling the Agent

If you want to remove the Agent, you need to delete the agent from your computer and then remove it from your Virtyx account.

The second is optional, you can leave the Agent in your account if you want, but it’s nice to clean things up so you can see which agents are important.


The Windows installer comes with an uninstaller which can be invoked from Control Panel or from the install directory.

Install Directory: C:\Program Files\Virtyx-Technologies\Virtyx Agent\

This will remove the Agent and its configuration files.


Delete the binary and stop the service. To stop the service, as root:


service virtyx-agent stop

CentOS/Amazon Linux:

initctl stop virtyx-agent

If you installed the Agent with our curl script, the agent will be located at /usr/local/bin/virtyx-agent.

You can also run the Agent binary with --uninstall to remove the configuration files. You will still need to remove the binary after.


If you installed with the installer, run the uninstaller to remove the Agent. Otherwise, for a standalone Agent you can stop the process and remove the binary.

Deleting the Agent from your Account

Go to the Agents page and find the Agent you want to remove. It should be inactive if you stopped it from running. Click on the Agent to bring up its details page. Find the button on the left side that says DELETE, and click it. Complete the verification to remove this Agent.